MoD Signed Acceptance Certificate of the First Unmanned “Orion” Complex

The Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation signed the acceptance certificate of the first unmanned long-range "Orion" complex. The complex consists of three devices. It was created by the efforts of the Kronstadt group.

The chief designer of "Kronstadt" Nikolai Dolzhenkov said that "the technical part of accepting the transfer of the complex has been signed. There are financial nuances that need to be completed so that the contract is officially closed. Technically, everything has been decided and verified: the planes were tested, the equipment was checked."

He noted that the signing of the Orion acceptance certificate is an important event for the country. "This [happened], by the way, for the first time in Russia with a complex of such a dimension," the designer emphasised.

According to Dolzhenkov, now there should be a phase of trial operation of the complex. "The customer had additional wishes that did not exist in the original design, so we will take it back and finalise the complex according to the wishes of the customer," he said.

The Orion UAV is classified as a medium-long duration aerial vehicle, weights about 1 ton, with the maximum payload mass is 200 kg. Its altitude reaches 7.5 km, the maximum flight duration with a standard load is 24 hours, and the speed is up to 200 km / h.

At the MAKS-2019 air show, Dolzhenkov told TASS that the drone is in the final stages of testing, it was planned to transfer the first complex to the military department before the end of 2019.

Source - TASS

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