Ansat Helicopter Delivered to Ministry of Emergencies

Russian Helicopters Holding announced today the transfer of the first Ansat helicopter to the Russian Ministry of Emergencies. The announcement was published on the holding's website.

The press service of Russian Helicopters said that "the helicopter was transferred to the Foundation for the Development of State Bodies for Civil Defence, Emergencies and Disaster Management (Fund for Civil Defence and Emergencies). 

The announcement mentioned that helicopter was already at the disposal of the North-West Aviation Rescue Centre of the Ministry of Emergencies of the Russian Federation and is deployed at the Kasimovo airport.

The helicopter will be used for transporting personnel, transporting goods and equipment inside the cabin or on an external sling, as well as for solving special problems.

Ansat is a Russian light multi-purpose helicopter built to a classic single-rotor design with a four blade main rotor and a two-blade tail rotor. It comes in different models, one with the latest fly-by-wire flight control system and the other with the traditional hydro mechanical control system.

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