Ultraviolet Mini Disinfecting Device By Rostec

Rostec State Corporation announced today that it has launched the serial production of a portable ultraviolet mini disinfecting device. "NPP Salyut" of Nizhny Novgorod, a subsidiary of "Roselektronika", will be implementing the project, said the State Corporation.

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“By developing the production of civilian products, we are promptly responding to emerging market demands. UV disinfecting devices were developed and put into production as soon as possible against the backdrop of a complex epidemiological situation. The devices use an electronic component base of their own production,"said Sergey Sakhnenko, industrial director of the electronic complex at Rostec.

This device takes the form of a cube (38 x 38 x 38 mm) and is powered by a USB port. An ultraviolet diode with a wavelength of 270 nm, which has a bactericidal effect, is what distinguishes this device.

"At the moment, the company is ready to manufacture up to 20 thousand such devices a year and, in the future, if there is demand, increase production volumes," added Sakhnenko.

It can be used to decontaminate every-day objects, like car interiors or children's toys, or shoes, working spaces, personal belongings, and so on.

Diversifying the production of civilian products by defence industry enterprises and maximising its potential for producing high-tech civilian and dual-purpose goods is an attempt by the Russian government to make the fullest use of the defence industry’s potential. The goal is to ensure that existing capacity is put to full use, and as a result this requires focusing on diversifying production in the sector.

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