Il-114-300 Prototype Units Completed

United Aircraft Corporation announced on Tuesday that CJSC Aviastar-SP has completed the production of a batch of units for the second prototype IL-114-300 aircraft at the Ulyanovsk Aircraft Manufacturing Enterprise.

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“This year we have already sent fuselage panels to Nizhny Novgorod for the purpose of further assembling the second prototype of the Il-114-300 aircraft, created using serial technologies. Next, we begin work on the production of sets of hatches and doors. We plan to send all units to the second plane before the end of the year,” commented Grigory Istomin, director of the aircraft manufacturing program at CJSC Aviastar-SP.

The Corporation said that production of fuselage panels for the new Russian regional turboprop passenger aircraft Il-114-300 has been completed, and that units will be shipped to the Sokol Aircraft Factory in Nizhny Novgorod, a branch of JSC RAC “MiG”. Production of units for IL-113-300 is set to increase according to the company's plans.

Il-114-300 enjoys a maximum passenger capacity of 68 seats, cruising speed of 500 km/h, flight range of 1400 km with maximum commercial load , ferry range of 5000 km, and a flight altitude up to 7600 metres.

IL-114-300 is designed for autonomous operation in low-equipped airports, in a wide range of climatic and geographical conditions. It is primarily designed for the domestic market.

CJSC Aviastar-SP is part of JSC UAC - Transport Aircraft (part of Rostec State Corporation).

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