Kinzhal Hypersonic Target Designation From Aboard Il-20M

In the Southern Military District (SMD) a commissioning ceremony was held for the modernised Il-20M electronic reconnaissance aircraft. Now the Kinzhal missile system will be able to receive target designation from the board of the modernised Il-20M

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The press service of the Southern Military District shared a release about the ceremony which took place in Rostov region.

"Experts believe that the main feature of the aircraft modernisation is the possibility of issuing target designations via a secure communication channel directly to the Kinzhal [translates in English as Dagger] hypersonic aviation missile system," came in the press release.

After this modernisation, it will be possible to send target designation from the board of Il-20M to the Kinzhal missile system. Furthermore, the modernisation includes a modern electronic, radio-technical and optical-electronic reconnaissance systems. It also allows radio interception in a wide spectrum of frequencies.

According to the press service of the Southern Military District, the modernised Il-20M is capable of performing tasks various any weather conditions. Also, the modern equipment enables it to detect small objects in the air, conducting video and high-resolution photography.

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