MoD Recieves a Batch of Upgraded T-72B3 Tanks

The Russian Ministry of Defence has recieved a batch of the modernised T-72B3 tanks, said the press service of the Uralvagonzavod today.

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The modernised combat vehicles received a new powerful engine, a modern fire control system, a rear-view camera and a mechanical drive display complex.

The work was carried out under the defence procurement plan (State Defence Order), which envisaged that the tanks from the repair stock would undergo major overhaul and upgrade to the T-72B3 level, the press office added.

"The upgrade has covered actually all the systems, improving the vehicles’ manoeuvrability and increasing their firepower and protection, including the armour shield," Uralvagonzavod said.

One of the significant upgrades was equipping the vehicle with additional protection modules in the so-called soft hull, which increased the armor resistance without significantly increasing the mass of the tank, said the defence manufacturer.

Additional upgrades include a new power plant of increased power, a rear view camera, a modern digital communication system, and a display complex for the driver.

A new fire control system was added to the vehicle with an automatic target tracking, which can significantly reduce the time for training gunner-operators, without reducing the effectiveness of firing.

Following the Army Games 2020, Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu said that all available park tanks T-72 of the Russian army will be upgraded to the level of T-72B3.

"As for our T-72 tanks, the Games gave an impetus for their serious modernisation. As a result, a modification of the T-72B3M appeared, which is not inferior in its characteristics, and in some ways even superior to modern foreign tanks. The Ministry of Defence plans to modernise all T-72 tanks in service to this modification," Shoigu had said.

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