Motovilikha and Splav Modernise MLRS production

The military department of the Motovilikhinsky Plants of JSC Special Design Bureaue, and Splav Scientific Production Association named after A.N. Ganichev, which are part of the management circuit of the Technodinamika holding of Rostec State Corporation, are modernizing the production of the Grad MLRS.

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Along with that, they are actively implementing a project for the Tornado-G MLRS serial production. The work is being carried out for the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation and other customers.

The Grad multiple launch rocket system, even almost 60 years after its creation, remains in demand by the armies of many countries. The 122-mm Tornado-G MLRS developed on the basis of the Grad has also received worldwide recognition. According to experts, its survivability on the battlefield has almost five times increased. Tornado-G is equipped with a modern navigation system that allows receiving and processing signals from satellites, making the system more maneuverable. In case of a threat, MLRS can quickly change position, long before all the projectiles fired by the system reach the target. It makes the system more effective against the return fire.

"Both systems, Grad and Tornado-G, have successfully proven themselves on the market, so there is an increased interest in them today. But first of all, we must ensure the fulfillment of contracts under the state defence order. For these purposes, it is planned to use both of our Perm sites - JSC Special Design Bureau and the subsidiary of Splav- Motovilikha design and production department" says Igor Nasenkov, CEO of Technodinamika.

Thus, the production capacities of Motovilikha and Splav will be used in full, and therefore personnel replenishment for new jobs will be required. To date, the commissioning of new equipment is being carried out at the enterprises, the IT infrastructure is being updated in order to preserve data, primarily electronic versions of the design and technological documentation, financial, economic, and accounting information, building data exchange networks with the parent organization.

Source: Rostec

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