MOD Signs contracts for New S-400 and S-350 Vityaz Systems

Ministry of Defence signed a new contract with Almaz-Antey to obtain air defence systems. The contract includes regiment sets of S-400 and Vityaz S-350 systems.

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 "JSC Concern VKO "Almaz-Antey" and the Russian Ministry of Defence have concluded contracts for the supply of three regiments of the S-400 Triumph anti-aircraft missile system and four sets of S-350 Vityaz air defence systems to the Russian military," the concern said in a statement today.

According to the concern, all equipment will be transferred to the Armed Forces no later than 2023.

S-350 Vityaz is a medium-range surface-to-air mobile missile system. It can protect state, industrial, and military installations and groupings against attacks by modern and promising air attack weapons. Moreover, the system is capable of destroying air targets at ranges of more than 120 km and at altitudes of more than 30 km. Additionally, the time of putting the complex into combat readiness from the march does not exceed 5 minutes. The S-350 Vityaz air defence system completed state tests last year.

 S-400 is a long-range anti-aircraft weapon system. It is capable of destroying strategic and tactical aircrafts, ballistic missiles, hypersonic targets and other means of air attack. Furthermore,the system is capable of hitting aerodynamic targets at ranges of up to 400 km, as well as ballistic targets at ranges of up to 60 km, flying at a speed up to 4.8 km/s at altitudes from several meters to several tens of kilometres.

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