Parallel Import List has Been Adopted

The Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia has published a list of goods for parallel import. The relevant order, registered with the Ministry of Justice on Friday, May 6, is posted on the legal information portal and came into force on May 7. The order of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation contains a list of 96 items and more than 50 groups of goods - from individual brands to entire categories of goods.

On March 29, the Government of the Russian Federation adopted a resolution removing responsibility "for cases of importation of products by importers bypassing official distribution channels." The resolution fixed the need to compile a list of products for parallel import.

"In the conditions of a break in the existing logistics chains, parallel imports will saturate the domestic market with products, including those imported from third countries. It will also help to stabilize prices for various groups of goods," the statement said.

A month later, the Ministry of Industry and Trade published an explanation that the importation of goods into the country without the permission of the copyright holder does not cancel the need for digital labeling on these goods.

The decision on parallel imports is connected with sanctions pressure, as well as the suspension of cooperation between foreign companies and Russia due to the conduction of "special operation" in Ukraine.

Source: The Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia

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