Plenary Meeting of ARMY-2020

On August 23, on the first day of the Army-2020 Forum, the Plenary Session of the International Military-Technical Forum was held. The Government of the Russian Federation is the organier of the event. Representatives of the "New Defense Order. Strategy" jounal took part in the meeting.

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The meeting was opened by the Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Yuri Borisov. He noted that after the lifting of quarantine restrictions, this is the first international event to take place in Russia. The forum, according to Borisov, promotes the establishment of contacts between the defense departments of different states, as well as the further development of military-technical cooperation. The Deputy Prime Minister thanked the organizers and participants of the Forum, and also wished everyone productive work.

The head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov spoke about the work of the defence industry enterprises during the quarantine period. As Manutrov noted, despite the serious challenges that the indutry faced, in general it managed to cope with them. The enterprises of the Russian defence industry adapted to work in the light of new conditions and continued to meet the tasks assigned to them in the field of state defense orders and military-technical cooperation. The head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade also drew attention to the success in diversifying defence enterprises. According to Manturov, the target of 17% by 2020 was exceeded and amounted to 24%. By 2025, it is planned to bring this figure to 30%, and by 2030 - to 50%. Manturov also hilighted the results in the field of digitalization of defense industry enterprises, in particular, the beginning of the introduction of digital twins technology. At the end of his speech, Manturov wished the participants to conclude new contracts and success at the Army Forum.

Head of the State Corporation Sergei Chemezov spoke about Rostec's participation in the Forum. He noted that this year Rostec presents more than 1,100 samples of military, special and civilian products, and the total area of the State Corporation's exhibition space is 16,000 km2.

“Rostec State Corporation, despite the existing restrictions, continues to successfully develop military-technical cooperation. At the end of last year, the volume of exports amounted to $15 billion, orders reached $50 billion, which can be called stable, ”Chemezov said.

According to the head of Rostec, traditionally, the largest volume of exports falls in the catgories of aviation, air defense, and missile defense systems. The S-400 Triumph complexes are especially popular. In terms of armoured vehicles, not only deliveries of completed equipment are carried out, but projects are also being implemented to localize production in partner countries.

Chemezov noted the importance of interaction between the military and civilian spheres, diversification of the military-industrial complex, and also announced the signing on the sidelines of the Forum of a package of agreements on cooperation in this area between the Rostec State Corporation and regional authorities.

The head of Rostec also invited the Forum participants to visit the Rostec pavillion and evaluate the export modification of the promising fifth-generation fighter Su-57E, the newest 152-mm self-propelled artillery unit "Malva", a mobile service unit for repairing helicopter equipment, and new technologies for the production of carrier blades, helicopter propeller, as well as a number of electronic novelties.

Alexander Mikheev, General Director of Rosoboronexport, spoke about the implementation of military-technical cooperation. “There is a positive trend in military-technical cooperation. This year, we have to carry out [export] supplies for $6 billion, we believe that we will not have disruptions,”he said. Mikheev also said that interaction with partners did not stopped, and that new contracts worth $5 billion were signed.

“The main task of the entire military-technical cooperation system for this period is the introduction of new models of military-technical cooperation and the development of industrial partnership programs,” Mikheev said, especially noting the experience of interaction in this area with Indian and Chinese partners.

“We have created competencies in tank building, shipbuilding, aircraft manufacturing, and ammunition production, so we will continue to offer our partners from other geographic locations quite flexible technological partnership schemes - either the creation of joint ventures or the sale of licenses and technologies,” added the head of Rosoboronexport.

It is planned to develop cooperation in the area of ​​joint experimental design work. Such projects are currently being discussed with India and China. According to Mikheev, such forms will form further "growth drivers" - either the purchase of new equipment, or joint production. Mikheev noted that this would allow avoiding competition in the markets of third countries.

The head of Rosoboronexport also spoke about the company's participation in the defense industry diversification program. "Rosoboronexport has already offered our leading companies services to promote civilian products. We already have the first results: the supply of firefighting equipment, civilian helicopters, communications equipment, and small arms," Mikheev said. He also announced the signing of several agreements on this program on the sidelines of the Forum.

Rosoboronexport, together with FSVTS and SoyuzMash, is entering the field of forming new initiatives for the legal support of military-technical cooperation. Basically, they are aimed at increasing efficiency, optimizing work, eliminating various bureaucratic procedures. Basically, today our initiatives are aimed at after-sales service programs, as well as simplification of delivery procedures [weapon, military and special technology] at the disposal of the Ministry of Defence," the head of Rosoboronexport said.

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