Serial Production of APR-3ME Starts


Tactical Missiles Corporation (KTRV) has started the serial production of the latest APR-3ME air-to-submarine torpedoes, Boris Obnosov, General Director of KTRV, told TASS.

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“Serial production of the APR-3ME air-to-submarine missile has started. The first batch has been delivered,” Obnosov told Tass. According to the head of KTRV, work is in progress to develop new models of air-to-submarine torpedoes.

According to Obnosov, work is underway to create new samples of air-to-submarine torpedoes. "In the future, it is planned to develop a small air-to-submarine torpedo to replace the APR-3ME, which significantly exceeds existing models in terms of range," Obnosov said.

He added that the corporation is currently developing a universal mine system. "The versatile mine system provides for target selection in a wide range of parameters and processing of information about targets with the use of modern algorithms, including artificial intelligence," he elaborated.

The APR-3ME air-to-submarine missile was first presented at MAKS-2017. The advanced missile is designed to defeat modern submarines of various classes at depths up to 800 m and speeds of up to 40 knots when the sea waves up to 6 points. This missile is considered one of the most effective means of combating submarines.

The torpedo can be launched from Tupolev Tu-142ME and Ilyushin Il-38SD maritime patrol aircraft, as well as Kamov Ka-28 helicopters. It is 3.25 m long and has a diameter of 350mm. It weighs around 475 kg and is powered by a solid-fuel turbo-waterjet engine, producing a top speed of 36 m/s. The missile is fitted with a HE (High Explosive) warhead coupled to a three-mode fuse (contact/acoustic proximity/time delay).

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