Unmanned Convertiplanes to be Produced by Rostec

Rostec State Corporation has announced that it will start the development and serial production of unmanned convertiplanes.

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"They can be used to transport goods, control ice conditions in the Far North, as well as as part of integrated projects for monitoring extended facilities of critical infrastructure," said Rostec in its statement.

Director General of the Vega concern, Ruselectronics Holding, Vyacheslav Mikheev said that "the combination of the advantages of a helicopter and an airplane makes them versatile and capable of performing a very wide range of tasks, which allows them to claim a tangible market share."

The "Era"-family drones can stay in the air for more than 3 hours and carry a payload of up to 7 kg. Their serial production will take place at Vega Concern facilities.

Moreover, a convertiplane with a lifting capacity of up to 80 kg is under development to solve logistics problems. This is an aircraft with rotary engines that, when taking off and landing, operate as lifting (like a helicopter), and in horizontal flight they become “aircraft” - pulling or pushing, as a result of which it does not need a runway or a specialised launch system .

This unmanned convertiplanes project will be carried out by JSC Ruselectronics of Rostec in cooperation with AEROXO, one of Russia's leading commercial drone producers.

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