“Almaz – Antey” in Iranian civil aviation

“Almaz – Antey” Air and Space Defence Corporation” (Russian Federation) and “Shiraz Electronics Industries” (Islamic Republic of Iran) signed an agreement on cooperation in the joint research, development, manufacture and supply of ground-based and airborne civil equipment and components for Communication, Navigation, Surveillance and Air Traffic Management (CNS/ATM).


The Agreement aim is to combine the resourses of “Almaz – Antey” Corporation” and “Shiraz Electronics Industries” to develop Iranian Air Navigation system and to promote joint research and development results in foreign markets.

“Almaz – Antey” Corporation, performing functions of the system integrator for modernization of technical equipment of the air navigation system in Russia, has accumulated vast experience in the implementation of complex infrastructure projects on turnkey basis. Our material and technical resources, scientific potential of subsidiaries and partner companies of “Almaz – Antey” Corp. allow us to offer to the international market integrated solutions for air traffic management and to implement complex, ambitious projects. When it comes to upgrading the technological capacity of the national air navigation systems, this work involves the survey, design, manufacture, supply, and installation of technical equipment. It increases the level of air traffic safety and the airspace throughput capability, while boosting ridership; also, it provides lower operating costs for airspace users, and improves aviation weather forecasts accuracy.

“Shiraz Electronics Industries” (SEI) is the largest subsidiary of the state-run holding company of Iran Electronics Industries. Established in 1972, the SEI having about 40 years of considerable experience is well reputed as a major and reliable manufacturer of hi-tech electronic products.

Benefiting from experience and knowledge of highly educated personnel and well-equipped laboratories and facilities, the SEI deals with research, design, and manufacture of both military and civil products in technological fields like electro-optics and laser, radars, electronic warfare, avionics, and sonar and marine electronics.

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