Anti-Missile & Counter Drone Systems Capabilities Demonstration

The combat capabilities of anti-missile and counter-drone systems will be demonstrated at the Military and technical forum ARMY-2020. This announcement was made at the briefing for military members of the diplomatic corps.

Layered defence capabilities of medium-range surface-to-air missile Pantsir-S1, Buk missile system and counter-drone systems will be showcased. Demonstrations will be held at Alabino and Alushuk training grounds.

Via live video streaming at Alabino training grounds, guests will attend practices in the Astrakhan region. Combat shooting and anti-ballistic missiles will be used against tactical ballistic and ballistic missiles as well as different classes of UAVs as part of the program.

At Alabino training grounds the capabilities of Russian air defence systems will be showcased, as well as those of surface-to-air missiles, small arms and electronic warfare systems.

Weapons and military equipment of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation and export-oriented units of weaponry presented by the producing companies are to take part in the ARMY-2020 demonstration program.

The ARMY-2020 Military and Technical Forum will be held on August 23-29, 2020 at Patriot Expo.

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