Greece & France Finalise the RAFALE Purchase Contract










France and Greece are about to conclude a contract for the purchase of 18 Rafale fighter jets; 6 new and 12 used, reports the French newspaper, La Tribune.


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"Greece and France are finalising the final preparations for the signing of the contract for the acquisition of 18 Rafale, including 12 used," writes La Tribune.

According to the French newspaper, the deal includes new missiles package & the modernisation of HAF Mirage-2000-5 jets worth €500 million.

"The total contract for the supply of the jets, fully armed with Meteor, SCALP and Exocet missiles, is expected to amount to approximately 2.5 billion euros ($3.03 billion) at a time the economy is set to shrink some 10 percent because of the pandemic [...] The contracts also include the maintenance of the existing Mirage-2000 MK-2 aircraft, as well as the renewal of all types of systems available to the armed forces, including electronic and weapons systems," said The National Herald in October.

The next and final step before the signing of the contract, on December 17 is the vote of the Greek Parliament, which must, in particular, modify Greece's acquisition procedures under the state-to-state contract with France and approve the acquisition. 

"Immediately after the formalization of the contract, the first four Greek pilots will leave for France to be trained with Rafale jets by the French Air Force and executives of Dassault [...] Along with the first four pilots, a team of Air Force technicians will travel to France to learn the secrets of maintaining twin-engine fighters," reported Greek City Times in November.

Greece's arm up comes amid Turkish violations of Greek airspace and waters.

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