Taiwan to Acquire Harpoon Missiles

 Ministry of National Defence of Taiwan is to acquire Harpoon missiles. According to reports,Taipei will acquire the new mobile coastal defence system armed with Boeing Harpoon Block II anti-ship missiles.

Taiwan’s deputy defence minister Chang Zhe-Ping has confirmed that Taipei has decided to buy a mobile US-made Harpoon coastal defence system.

He added that the new missiles should enter service with the Navy’s Hai Feng squadron in 2023.

The new system can perform surveillance of maritime coastal traffic. It is also capable of monitoring and picturing sea lines of communication. It is also capable of countering and interdicting the potential coastal threats in territorial waters. 

The decision of Taiwan to Acquire Harpoon Missiles is not the first between the two countries. The United States already has exported weapons to Taiwan annually for more than 70 years. Since 2008, the US has sold more than $24 billion in arms to Taiwan, including fighter aircraft, tanks, and missiles.

Harpoon Block II is an over-the-horizon, anti-ship missile manufactured by Boeing Defence, Space & Security. Over 600 warships, 180 submarines, 12 types of aircraft and mobile land-based launch platforms come with Harpoon missiles.

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