Marker Robotic Platform to Combat UAVs

Developers of the Marker robotic platform told TASS state agency that the platform, which has been tested at the Vostochny launch site, will be able to combat intruding unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) with the help of electronic pulses, suicide drones and capturing networks.

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The Marker robot will identify intruders of different types: unauthorized individuals, motor vehicles, and drones, the company said. Various countermeasures will apply, depending on the intruder type.

"Options of radio-electronic jamming of the drone control system, capturing networks, and suicide drones to neutralize the intruding UAV are considered in case of drone combating," the press service said.

If the market finds an intruding individual, it will use an audio system and communicate an unauthorized access message to the rapid response team. "The process of combating intruders using a motor vehicle is approximately the same but in this situation, the Market can also follow and intercept the intruder," the press service added.

The Marker robot combat platform is developed jointly by the Foundation for Advanced Research Projects and the Android Technics association.

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