Rostec developed a radar station enabling detection of miniature drones

Rostec’s holding Ruselectronics developed a radar station for detecting small drones at a maximum range of 7.5 km. The equipment is completely made of Russian electronic components and has no rivals in Russia.

The target radio illumination station (TRIS) is designed for detecting and tracking small and low-contrast targets with a minimum effective radar cross-section area of 30 square centimeters, wide range of speeds and capable of flying at extremely low altitudes. When a target is detected, the equipment sends the information to the control panel operator or control center.

The equipment consists of a Ka-range multi-channel radar station with small dimensions of 325х240х230 mm. The TRIS is installed on a rotating mechanism that enables a view in all directions. The station can be controlled manually from a notebook or automatically.

The system was developed by the engineers of NPP Salut (part of Ruselectronics) in cooperation with MKB Fakel (part of Almaz-Antey Air and Space Defense Corporation). To date, equipment prototypes have been manufactured and field testing of the radar station has been conducted.

Source: Rostec’s web site


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