Rostec Will Create a Digital Twin of a New Generation Marine Engine

The United Engine Corporation of the Rostec State Corporation will create a digital twin of a new generation marine gas turbine engine for ships with a displacement of up to 12 thousand tons. This was announced by the press service of Rostec on Thursday.

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This development will allow managing the life cycle of the powerplant and will increase the reliability and commercial attractiveness of Russian marine engines. The digital twin will be completed in 2023. 

A digital twin is a mathematical model that contains the full amount of interrelated product data. It allows you to predict the behavior of structural elements at all stages of the creation and life cycle of the unit. The digital twin is being created by the Rybinsk Shipyard and UEC NPO Saturn in cooperation with Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology, and the Central Institute of Aviation Motors. 

“Digitalization reduces the time and cost of designing power plants, including a line of new generation marine gas turbine engines, helps to achieve design performance, minimizes the cost of manufacturing prototypes, as well as testing and fine-tuning engines. Additionally, the digital twin will allow us to offer our customers an economically beneficial service - a full life cycle contract, which implies the supply and maintenance of the engine at all stages of operation, ” said Yury Shmotin, Deputy General Director - General Designer of UEC. 

In the course of research work, high-precision mathematical models of GTE units and a gearbox will be developed for a basic marine engine with a capacity of 20.2 MW, a promising marine engine with a capacity of 25 MW, and a gearbox PO55. It will also create systems for managing specifications, managing engine configurations based on manufacturing information, and predicting product behavior.

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