Russia’s Military-Technical Cooperation with Turkey

The head of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation (FSTMC) Dmitry Shugaev gave an interview to Ekoturk TV channel. Shugaev spoke about military-technical cooperation with Turkey.

In particular, he shed the light on the implementation of the S-400 contract and about future plans. He tackled the impact of the pandemic on the military-technical cooperation in general, and military-technical cooperation with Turkey in particular.

“Currently, there is a guarantee team of Russian specialists in Turkey assisting our Turkish colleagues in operating the equipment,” Shugaev said

Russia has fully met the contractual obligations for the transfer of systems and training of Turkish specialists; now, as part of the contractual obligations, Russian technical specialists are helping their Turkish colleagues to service the S-400. 

Active negotiations to supply a second regimental set of S-400 are underway- they are in an advanced phase. 

“Negations on the supply of a second regimental set of S-400 are in a rather advanced phase, and we are waiting for the final decision of the Turkish side,” said Shugaev. 

The head of FSTMC also noted that it was difficult to predict the period these talks might take, given the current restrictions caused by the pandemic.

Russia is ready to discuss not only the supply of finished products, but also involving Turkish companies in the production process of the S-400 Triumph system:

“In the future, we are ready to study the possibility of technological cooperation. That is, the participation of Turkish companies in the production process,”said the head of the FSTMC.

“It is obvious that this cooperation format presupposes a new level of interaction. This level is a more complex, trusting one, where it is important to a balance our interests,” he added

Currently, Turkey's portfolio of orders for Russian-made equipment is about $1 billion. Joint projects in the field of aviation and air defence are part of the discussion in the development of military-technical cooperation.

About the possible delivery of Su-35 fighters to Turkey, Shugaev said:

“If the Turkish side decides to purchase these aircraft, we are ready to hold appropriate consultations with our colleagues.”

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