Russia’s State Armament Programme 2024-2033

High-precision weapons, robotic complexes, weapons on based on new physical principles and control systems based on artificial intelligence will become the main priorities of the State Armament Programme 2024-2033. This was announced by Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov in an interview with Interfax AVN.

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According to Borisov, work on planning a new State Armament Programme has already begun. "The main priorities will be areas such as the development of high-precision weapons, including hypersonic weapons, the introduction of robotic complexes, weapons based on new physical principles," said the Deputy Prime Minister.

He also specified that "the development of weapons systems will be largely focused on the creation of qualitatively new, including non-traditional weapons, as well as control systems based on artificial intelligence".

The amount of funding for the State Armament Programme 2024-2033 has not yet been established. The amount of financing of the programme can be discussed only after the economic block of the Government of the Russian Federation develops a forecast of macroeconomic indicators of socio-economic development of the country for 2024-2033 - this forecast will serve as the basis for determining the number of federal budget allocations for equipping the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, other troops and military formations.

"In accordance with the schedule for the development of the new State Armament Programme, this work should be completed this year. We expect that according to the financial and economic indicators of the GPV for 2024 - 2033 it will not be lower than the GPV of previous years," Yuri Borisov told Interfax.

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