DefExpo 2020 Highlights Russia – India Strategic Partnership

DefExpo India 2020, the 11th edition of the biennial Indian Defence Exposition (DefExpo) which spans the entire spectrum of India's aerospace, defence and security interests is held in Lucknow, the capital of the largest Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, 5-9 February, 2020. Rosoboronexport JSC (part of the Rostec State Corporation) showcased around 1,000 items of military hardware at the exhibition to the Indian security forces and defense manufacturing entities, as well as military delegations from around 35 other countries.

In addition, on February 6, the 5th India - Russia Military Industrial Conference (MIC) was held at the press conference area of the Expo. In a press release on the event, Alexander Mikheev, Director General of Rosoboronexport stated:

«under a strategic partnership, Russia and India are implementing major joint projects that fully comply with the ‘Make in India’ program. Rosoboronexport is actively working with major Indian industrial companies – HAL, OFB, Bharat Forge, Bharat Dynamatics, etc – and we always appreciate the highest level of their expertise.»



At its stall, Rosboronexport displayed models of several weapon systems competing for Indian defense procurement projects such as

  1. MiG-35 fighter (110 medium weight fighter procurement)
  2. Amur-1650 submarines (Project 75I submarine procurement)
  3. Pantsir-S (Self Propelled Air Defense Gun Missile System (SPAD-GMS) procurment)

In addition, it displayed

  1. A full scale mock-up of 57mm AU-220M lightweight weapon station that could be fitted to IFV and APC chassis
  2. Assault and sniper rifles from Klashnikov including the AK-203 which would be manufactured in India, eventually with 100% localization.
  3. A model of the Ka-226T light multipurpose helicopter to be jointly manufactured in India

Several Russian companies exhibited their products at the Rosoboronexport stand. These included

  1. Ramdiesel, the manufacturer of Typhoon-K family of armored vehicles
  2. Promtechnologia, the developer and manufacturer of ORSIS high precision rifles and guns.
  3. Automatika Concern, the developer and manufacturer of UAV countermeasure systems which showcased its Rubezh-Avtomatika complex, an “intelligent” control system that can detect and neutralize drones without human intervention.
  4. Argus-NV
  5. Proekt-Technika Corporation
  6. NPO RusBITech Research and Production Association
  7. GIRD Group and Training Systems

Russian Helicopters

  1. Mi-171A2 medium civil helicopter. The helicopter was certified for use in India by Indian Civil Aviation Authority (DGCA) in December 2019.
  2. Mi-38 medium heavy utility helicopter.
  3. Ansat light utility helicopter


The Almaz-Antey stand featured models of

  1. Viking surface-to-air missile system including 1:3 scale model of the 9M317ME surface-to-air missile (Viking is the export version of Russia’s Buk-M3 AD missile system)
  2. Export variant of the Kalibr cruise missiles
  3. S-400 Triumf
  4. S-300VM
  5. Antey-2500 AD system
  6. Tor-M2E, Tor-M2K, Tor-M2KM air defense missile complexes

Rostec - TecMash

TecMash display included armor-piercing projectile shells: a 125-mm 3VBM23 shot (Lead-2) and a Mango-M experimental model - an upgraded 3VBM17 shot (Mango).

Rostec - Shvabe

Shvabe JSC displayed a range of optoelectronics, thermal night and collimator sighting equipment for day and night observation devices.

United Shipbuilding Corporation

  1. Project 1075E Inshore Minesweeper
  2. Project 12701 Coastal Minesweeper
  3. Project 750B Small Attack Submarine «SERVAL» with AIP (Concept)
  4. Prianha-T Small Submarine for special ops in littoral waters
  5. Project 877EKM submarine (cutaway scale model)
  6. Project 636 Varshavyanka submarine with Club-S missile complex
  7. Project 1650 Amur submarine (With and without AIP plug)
  8. Project 950 Amur submarine (Two versions - with torpedo tubes only and with torpedo tubes and vertical missile launchers


The Uralvagonzavod comprised models of armoured vehicles with a model of the T-90MS being in the forefront. The display included

  1. 57mm AU-220M automatic gun land and shipborne variants
  2. T-90S
  3. Upgraded T-72
  4. BMPT tank support combat vehicle
  5. BREM-1M armoured repair and recovery vehicle and the
  6. TOS-1A heavy flamethrower system


The UEC display featured three engines of interest to India.

  1. TRDO-50MT UAV engine with 450-kg thrust. The engine has a max dry weight of 85-kg and a SFC (Specific Fuel Consumption) of 0.71 kg/h/kg
  2. VK-2500PS-03 for the medium class Mi-171A2 civil helicopter which received certification from the Civil Aviation Authority of India in December 2019. The engine features FADEC (Full Authority Digital Engine Control), antisurge protection, and increased starting altitude
  3. TV7-117ST-01 engines for regional aircraft IL-114-300. India's HAL has shown interest in locally assembling the IL-114-300

Rubin JSC

Rubin Aviation Corporation produces a range of aircraft components and systems for all Russian aircraft. Its products include aircraft wheels and brakes, hydraulic systems and units, integrated drive generators, carbon friction materials. Its services include control system design, oil-gas equipment design, composite material development, foundry, MRO and equipment. The company had displayed many of its components at its stall.

Source: Vijainder K Thakur,
Correspondent "The New Defense Order. Strategy" Magazine in India

Photo - Rosoboronexport

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