Foreign Participation at ARMY-2020 Part I : Belarus

The International Military-Technical Forum ARMY-2020 was held between 23-29 August against all odds, despite the global travel ban caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. National stands were limited to those of Belarus, Kazakhstan, India, Brazil, Turkey, and Pakistan. The New Defence Order.Strategy visited these stands and presents a general overview of foreign participation in ARMY-2020.

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In terms of the number of participating companies, Belarus had the most special space in the exhibition as a foreign participant. Although this is not the first time that Belarus takes part in ARMY Forum, but this year’s participation was more special than any year before. Representatives of 17 organisations and companies were present at the Forum, and over 200 Belarusian defence products were presented.

The Belarusian stand represented leading enterprises that belong to the system of the State Authority for Military Industry of Belarus and the Belarusian defense industry: ZAO BelTechExport, the holding company Geoinformation Control Systems (OAO Agat – Control Systems, OAO Agat-System, OAO Agat – Electromechanical Plant, OAO NIIEVM), OAO 558 Aircraft Repair Plant, OAO 140 Repair Plant, OAO Volatavto, GVTUP Belspetsvneshtechnika, the holding company BelOMO, the R&D Center for Multifunctional Unmanned Systems of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, OOO KB Unmanned Helicopters, and OAO MNIPI. A number of other Belarusian companies will have their own stands.


“Beltechexport” Company was established in 1993 as a specialized enterprise authorized by the State Authority for Military Industry of the Republic of Belarus for export of products manufactured by defense industry of the Republic of Belarus to international markets. The Company specializes in implementation of comprehensive system projects in military-technical sphere including:

  • production and supply of defense projects with consideration to customers’ requirements;
  • rendering wide range of services on overhaul and upgrade of Soviet, Russian and Belarusian-made armaments;
  • supply of spare parts to armaments and military equipment;
  • maintenance service of armaments and military equipment;
  • establishment of different production facilities for modern military equipment in the territory of the customer;
  • personnel training.

“Beltechexport” Company has traditionally been the collective organizer of the stand under the aegis of the State Authority for Military Industry of Belarus during ARMY Forums.

KB Unmanned Helicopters Holding

Stalker Unmanned helicopter

This unmanned helicopter has a payload of 25kg, which is not enough for placing armament on it, therefore the development of this line continues. It is mostly used for search and rescue operations or reconnaissance operations of many kinds, and is also part of the radiological control unit. This UAV is already participating in some tenders in some foreign countries. The next helicopter from this family will have 50kh payload, which allows to place small anti-tank guided system with a citing device.

Maximum engine capacity 40KW
Fuel Consumption 5-10 kh\h
Main rotor diameter 3,418mm
Maximum takeoff weight 160kg
Maximum tank capacity 56 l
Maximum speed (set limit) 120km/h
Cruising speed for flight at maximum distance 90km/h
Economic speed for maximum duration 70km/h
Flight duration 3-5 h
Maximum wind speed (during takeoff, landing) 10m/s
Service ceiling 3,000m
Bercut Multifunctional UAV

This UAV is designated for air force defence training. It is used in the creation of target situation for Anti-aircraft Missile Systems (AAMS) in the course of exercises with combat firing. Also used for checking and assessing performances characteristics of AAMS firing radars: target detection distance, accuracy of tracking targets in terms of distance, speed and angular coordinates. It can be used as a Kamikaze drone; in this case all unnecessary components -used for air defence training- are replaced with fragmentation warheads which are filled with the standard explosive pieces that the customer has. The manufacturing company itself does not supply the armaments, it is up to the customer to specify the type and configuration of armaments to be used. Some countries in the Middle East, North Africa, and Central Africa showed interest in this drone.

Operational range 110km
Weight 34kg
Payload 5kg
Flight endurance 60min
Speed 400km/h
T-71 BME Main Battle Tank

On display was a model of Belarusian modified version of the Russian tank T-72. This modified version exemplifies the kind of customised modifications that can be made based on the customer’s requirements. The T-72BME is the result of indepth modernisation of the T-72 tanks in accordance with the requirements applicable to combat means in the 21st century. Performances of the tank are close to those of the most modern T-90 type tanks. Its modernization includes implementation of the latest achievement in development of fire control, surveillance systems, and means of protection against advanced weapons.

AGAT Control Systems

AGAT is a diversified enterprise and one of the leading enterprises, creating automated control systems for general and special purposes, hardware-software complexes and technologies, including communication and data transmission facilities, computing machinery, intsgages, life support and power-supply systems. It is a huge collaboration of different enterprises which are inside this holding.

558 Aircraft Repair Plant (558 ARP)

Mainly specialised in overhaul, modernization and maintenance of aviation material, manufacture of UAV`s and electronic countermeasures, manufacture of parts and components of aviation materiel (in particular Sukhoi and MiG aircraft, as well as Mi helicopters). Key business of the company is repair and upgrade of Su-22, Su-25, Su-27, Su-30, MiG-29, An-2 aircraft and Mi-8 (Mi-17) and Mi-24 (Mi-35) helicopters.

In addition to the adoption of new aircraft overhaul techniques, the company develops and produces ECM protection suites intended to protect the aircraft from precision radio-guided weapons, tactical UAV complexes, advanced benches and testing equipment, provides service (post-sale) maintenance, designs and sets up aircraft logistic support centers and trains customer’s personnel in aircraft repair and operation. The plant specialises in the design and manufacturing of UAVs for the Belarusian Ministry of Defence as well as more than 30 foreign customers.

BELOMO Holding

This is the Belarusian optical and mechanical association specialised development, design and manufacture of laser, optoelectronic and optomechanical devices and systems. The holding designs and manufactures different types of sights for small and medium arms, collimator sights for small arms, as well as thermal imaging using software complex for detection of movement, which enables automatic detection and guidance of moving objects.


Display specialises in the development and production of multi-purpose video monitors ranging from 6.4″ to 98″, avionic displays, dedicated computers, microdisplay devices for harsh operating conditions, as well as remote-controlled weapon systems. The company produces video monitors and computers that can operate at temperatures down to minus degrees Celsius. At ARMY-2020, Display Design Office presented more than 60 samples of products, some of which are: protected domestic notebooks BU-43, BU-51, ARM-T; protected panel computers; a wide range of information processing and display tools; various modifications of remotely controlled combat modules, as well as percussion UAVs.

Portable remote controlled station-2 (PRCS-2)

It is an upgraded version of the PRCS-2, but differs from its predecessor in the presence of a camera with zoom, rangefinder and thermal imager. The design of the platform provides an extended angle of rotation in the horizontal plane up to a full turn and the ability to use increased ammunition. Additional installation of two rocket-propelled anti-tank grenades RPG-26

 UAV «Kvadro-1400»

 A UAV armed with an anti-tank guided missile (strike UAV). Used as a tank hunter, very convenient for areas like forests. It can used on naval platforms  as well.


The combat module is easy. This product is a smaller, slimmer and trimmer version of the product ADUNOK. The design of the product provides for the simultaneous installation of a PKT machine gun and two RPG-26 anti-tank grenades. Target tracking and stabilization are options in this combat module.

ADUNOK KPVT          
Calibre 14.5 mm
Ammunition 50 rounds
Effective target defeat range 1500 m

Minotor-Service Enterprise 

This enterprise designs, manufactures and supports land and amphibious tracked combat vehicles designed for the use with ground forces and Marine Corps units.

ZSU-23-4M4 Shilka: self-propelled anti-aircraft gun
PT-76M light amphibious tank
9s932-1 intelligence and control module with the 1L122-1 Radar
“Mosquito”/Kornet-EM Moblie anti-tank missile system.

Tank hunter. anti-tank system with 2*4  ATMGS. The multipurpose armoured high-speed tracked chassis Mosquito in designed as a platform for special purpose (military) vehicles to be used for various applications (tactical-reconnaissance vehicle, patrol and defence vehicle with heavier weapon systems, air defence vehicle and anti-aircraft missiles carrier, battlefield support vehicle, etc.).


TheTZM-2A6M4 Armoured Resupply Vehicle is based on the 6x6 VITIM truck and is designed for supplying the ZSU-23-4M4 SPAAGs with ammunition (rounds and missiles), for receiving cartridge belt links and their transportation to the ammunition loading stations. The roles also include fuel carrying and filling of the self-propelled guns with fuel. The vehicle accommodates a part of the individual Spare Parts, Tools and Accessories kit of the AZP-23M and the blank cartridge belt boxes for crew training.

VITM Multipurpose Amphibious Armoured Vehicle

VOLAT (Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant Open Joint Stock Company)

Designs and makes unique transport solutions for its customers to carry heavy loads on public roads and in difficult terrains. VOLAT is famous for its military chassis that carry Iskander operational-tactical missile systems, Bal-E, Bereg and Bastion coastal anti-ship missile systems, antenna posts for S-400 surface-to-air missile systems and lots of other systems.


4x4 armoured vehicle. It carries up to five personnel under high internal protection conditions. The pilot has several technical (engine and equipment control) and tactical screens connected to an external camera.

Wheel drive: 4*4
Payload: 1.8 t.
EngineL Dossan DL06
Engine's power: 270 h.p.


The main specialisation of PELENG is research and development, as well as production of  high-technology optoelectronic equipment and systems. The company offers the full scope of services to its customers: from designing and manufacturing of the optoelectronic equipment and devices up to integration works on the platforms at the customer's site, and also warranty and post-warranty maintenance.

PELENG's main exhibits were:

  • Airborne EO System (AEOS)
  • PKP-MRO Commander’s Panoramic Sight for Surveillance and Fire Module
  • Viktoria-TK ThermalImager
  • PNK Gunner’s Combined Sight
  • OES OP Detection and Aiming Optoelectronic System

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