Georgia to Produce and Sell Su-25

The Georgian Minister of Defence, Irakli Gharibashvili, has said that Su-25 might become a commercial project that the Georgian Ministry of Defence will pursue.

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"We have absolutely all the resources - technical, intellectual or human - to be able to restore, produce, produce and sell "Su 25" with our own efforts," said Gharibashvili.

The Georgian minister said that a number of countries were interested in this type. He explained that the the rising interest in this particular type is the increase number of conflicts worldwide and the growing need to improve defence capabilities.

"Together with the headquarters, we came up with the following plan - we have a lot of flying machines, planes, helicopters that need to be repaired. We can do all this together with our own factory - "Tbilisi Aircraft Manufacturing," and "DELTA"," added the Minister.

Furthermore, he noted that Su-25s will not be used only for defence purposes, but that it may also become a commercial project.

Su-25 is a subsonic jet aricraft operated in around 24 countries. Its first prototype made its maiden flight in February 1975, then it entered service in July 1981. During Soviet times, Tbilisi was the centre for the series production of this aircraft at what is today "Tbilisi Aircraft Manufacturing."

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