Smirch Rocket Launcher Modified by India

India has a modified the Russian-made rocket launcher Smirch to the "9A 52-2T" model that does not use the Belarusian 16-wheeled Maz-543S wheeled platform.

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Indian engineers put 12 tubes designed to launch missiles weighing 800 kilograms to a distance of 90 kilometres on a new platform, the Czech “Tatra-816” vehicle produced by India at a low cost.

According to Russian Weapons, the advanced missile launcher has automatic driving and navigation systems and secret communication devices, which reduce the time of preparing the missile launcher for launching missiles to only two minutes. The launching process of a missile in a developed missile launcher takes 38 seconds. The hit area was 67.2 hectares, the rocket launcher weighed 39,500 kilograms, and a length of 12,400 mm.

The launcher can traverse a trench or water repellent with a depth of 1.25 meters. The rocket launcher crew includes only 3 individuals. It can travel at a speed of 90 kilometres per hour to a distance of 850 kilometres.

In addition to Smirch, the Indian army currently has about 150 Soviet-made BM-21 missile launchers (Grad). Moreover, the Indian defence industry is currently producing two models of the Indian-made Pinaka missile launcher with a range of 37.5 and 75 km.

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