“Marshal Shaposhnikov” Tested New Artillery Systems in the Sea of ​​Japan

The modernized frigate of the Pacific Fleet "Marshal Shaposhnikov" has tested new artillery systems in the Sea of ​​Japan, stated the Department of information support of the Primorsky region (Vladivostok) today.

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At this stage, the crew, together with industry representatives, have begun testing new weapons installed on the frigate. For the first time, testing of new artillery systems targeting at air and sea targets was carried out in the Bay of Peter the Great.

Targets were fired from the A-190 universal shipborne artillery mount, which the ship received in the course of modernization, and the AK-630 30-mm six-barreled automatic artillery mounts. Torpedo armaments were also tested.

The ship's operations at sea were supported by ships of the auxiliary fleet and aircraft of the naval aviation of the Pacific Fleet.

Repair and modernization of the frigate "Marshal Shaposhnikov" were carried out on the basis of JSC «Far Eastern Shipbuilding and Ship Repair Center» in Vladivostok. On the ship, the outboard fittings were repaired, part of the hull structures were replaced, new equipment was mounted and modern complexes of strike missile weapons were installed.

Marshal Shaposhnikov serves in the Russian Pacific Fleet. Her namesake is marshal Boris Shaposhnikov. The frigate has been undergoing modernisation. The modernisation of the frigate mainly focuses on replacing the onboard naval artillery system, displacing the existing 100-millimeter AK-100 guns with newer A-190-01s, essentially adding a stealth installation to reduce the visibility of the frigate and improve its target-acquisition capability, as part of a package to increase its overall firepower. Some of these features are consistent with the wider efforts to modernize other platforms and standardize the firing capability to permit the introduction of naval cruise and hypersonic missile systems 

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