A New Method for Constructing Nuclear Submarines

Sevmash, part of the United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC), is preparing to introduce modular technology for creating nuclear submarines. It is a method of assembling ships from large blocks loaded with equipment, said the press service of JSC PO Sevmash.

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"The use of modular technology will make it possible to reduce the labor intensity and terms of building nuclear submarines," came in the corporation's press release.

Nowadays, a modular-aggregate method is used in production, which was introduced during the construction of third-generation nuclear powered ships. According to this method, the finished, but not yet tested, block sections of the future nuclear submarine come from the hull-welding production to the slipway, from which blocks are formed that undergo the stage of hydraulic tests. After its completion, the sections are again disconnected. This technology lengthens the construction period of the ship. When using the block-modular method, it is planned to reduce not only the slipway period, but also costs due to the transfer of a colossal amount of work from the slipway to specialized workshops,said the Sevmash press service.

To introduce a new method of building ships at Sevmash, production facilities are being modernized, a new infrastructure is being created. It will also be necessary to build new logistics for the supply of equipment and services. Now a project for the implementation of the block-modular method is being developed and is under discussion in the relevant departments. In the future, Sevmash may become the first enterprise where this innovative technology will be applied in submarine shipbuilding.

Initial studies of this project of new technology for the construction of nuclear submarines started four years ago, in 2016.

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